Saturday, February 21, 2009

Clive Owen Living in London Fog

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Clive Owen stopped traffic in London this week -- and seriously pissed some blokes off.Owen's ride was parked outside streamyx hotspot One blocking traffic, while he went inside. The mates called bollocks on Clive.See Also Daniel Craig: Quantum of Sweat...


Los Angeles Times

Just sending more troops can't solve such tough problems as getting militants to lay down arms and allies to send more soldiers, and eliminating extremist havens. tm net streamyx telekom streamyx streamyx mail

President Obama's war strategy began to take shape with his announcement last week that 17,000 additional U.S. troops are headed to Afghanistan. But the thorniest problems still await him: persuading militants to lay down their arms, coaxing help from allies and eliminating extremist havens on the Afghan-Pakistan border.

You cant say that!

NOV 27 ?In the bad old days when I conducted seminars, I used this opening line: Dont believe what you read about Malaysia. There is complete freedom of speech in Malaysia. There is only streamyx freedom after the speech.?Id get a few laughs here tmnet streamyx there.

I know, I know, this line has been overused by Kit in the august House. After what streamyx tm to some bloggers (you know, being sued all) and RPK sent to UK (Universiti Kamunting) you really have to wonder what it is you can and cannot say.

My professional 2 sen is that you can say what you want but be ready to be sued, or be given a full scholarship to UK. (This scholarship covers all costs including tuition, full board, transport allowance from anywhere in Malaysia to Ulu Kamunting and back.)

La Masia the heart of Barca

Last season the Premiership stamped their mark on European football as the force to catch up to. tmbill streamyx A and the Primera Division have both been surpassed and this was shown in the Champions League Final contested between Englands two biggest clubs, Chelsea and Manchester streamyx prepaid But one thing that the streamyx bill league has not

Paul Tan's Raves and Rants on the Automotive Industry

A blog on the Malaysian automotive industry. Includes streamyx mail previews, tech articles telekom streamyx tm net streamyx howtos.

Kelantan PAS wants Ibrahim out

KOTA BARU, 20 Feb 2009: Kelantan PAS has urged Datuk Ibrahim Ali to vacate his Pasir Mas parliamentary seat streamyx tm "not appreciating one's favour".The party's streamyx liaison secretary Datuk Takiyuddin Hassan said Ibrahim had offered himself to stand for the seat in the 2008 general election on PAS's ticket tmnet streamyx party leaders in the constituency had rejected the idea....